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A trip back in time

The beautiful weather invited me to enjoy the sun so I decided to take a walk through the Maze in Altjessnitz. This place awakened memories of my childhood. It is very interesting to see the changes the park went trough in the last 30 years. The park of the former Altjessnitz Castle is always worth the trip, especially now that Spring brings bright green colors to nature.
Later we got into a conversation with the owner of the café. It turned out that she bears the same family name as I do. We talked for some time about the past of the little village in which my Grandma lived and worked for a while. The best thing was the fact that the woman lives right on the spot my Grandmother used to live with her mother and siblings for a while. This day turned out to be a special highlight.

When I found a hidden road to the former stables of the castle it couldn´t get any better. Unfortunately nothing was done to the stables since the end of WWII. So this place turned into a lost place. Yet, this is a beautiful place, even in decay.

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Here are the pictures of the walk….

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