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    Georgia and zombies on my mind

    2018 was a year full of surprises, both good and bad, but also full of unexpected travels and great new adventures. But sometimes, things don´t work or need to be replanned. My camping slash hiking slash kayak slash bike trip…

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    Last weekend, August 25th, a coworker/friend and I decided to go hiking. Well, the area we live in is flat. No mountains, so no comparing to real hiking like in Colorado or the Alps… We decided to go for a…

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    Me in a movie?

    Oh yeah, life is good. And exciting! In November 2017 my life was more than exciting. I always knew that deep inside of me there is a top actress waiting to be kissed awake. Well, cough…. Since I was a…

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    Unique gemstones

    While I was on vacation on Lake Michigan and Superior Lake in May 2018, I intentionally looked for stones on the beach. The coast of Lake Superior is famous for its agate stones. I read about it in Germany and…

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    Up on the Brocken mountain

    It´s a shame: I live only a short hop from the Brocken Mountain but I´ve never been there! But then my Mom had the overnight idea to drive up there, because the weather forecast was supposted to be great. Alright.…

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    Family reunion

    Something beautiful happened to me. Something, I had never expected and that almost seems like a miracle. Even though it happened a few weeks ago, I still feel my spirits lifted. Let´s jump back in time to 1986. I was…

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