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Bath culture

I heard that the former open-air bath “Rehsumpf” would be taken down soon . This place is a lost place. Several floddings ruined its beautiful wooden houses. The cabins were built on steles and testify bathing culture of the 1920´s. Notables such as Hugo Junkers* would come here in the summer, as well as the public. I knew I had to take the chance and document the place before it would be gone. It took a while to find the entrance. I could have had it easier, but the bridge was in such a miserable state that I did not dare to cross it. So here you see pictures of this former open-air bath, nestled in the forest. Three of the photographs were taken through a tiny hole in the main door to the former restaurant. This place will be gone in a few months.

If you move your mouse over the photograph you can read a short description. If you click on the picture, you enlarge it.

*Source: Wikipedia

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