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    Merry Christmas

    I felt nostalgic today looking through old photographs. It was kind of funny as I haven´t realised before that from the age of 2 on I played some kind of instrument. New instruments were brought by Santa and so here…

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    The music video “Holocene” by Bon Iver and the music itself inspired me to write this poem. Music causes many emotions in me and sometimes I quickly take pencil and paper and let creativity flow. I close my eyes and fall…

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    Happy Halloween

    On Halloween I always remember the time when I was participating in the musical “Dracula” (Bergtheater Thale). It was a very exhausting, time-consuming but fantastic time! To that end: Happy Halloween! If you enjoyed this blog entry, like and share it!

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    The Unknown

    I wrote this poem in English even though I was not living in America at that time. A song and its video inspired me, as it reminded me of an encounter that was way too fleeting for an entire life.  …

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    A day in Berlin

    Once a year my friend Beate and I choose a destination for taking pictures. Like last year we chose Berlin again – Friedrichshain. We went to “The Fairytale Fountain” and the “RAW”, which is a socialcultural center. Last but not…

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