Last weekend, August 25th, a coworker/friend and I decided to go hiking. Well, the area we live in is flat. No mountains, so no comparing to real hiking like in Colorado or the Alps… We decided to go for a 7,1 km (4,3miles) walk around the Goitzsche Lake. The online platform Komoot offers a variety of hiking trails. 

Komoot Goitzsche Holzweißig

After we arrived at the parking lot, we took the first path that led away into the woods. I was sure that this would be the trail. A quick look on the map and we were reassured. 

We walked for about 30 minutes and spotted the first sign. What?! Isn´t this town on the other end of the trail? Oh no. We looked at the map, but it was not obvious where we were. So my friend suggested to use GPS tracking. Hell, yes! I had never tried this before. Reality was cruel. The parking lot was devided in two parts. The big one and the small one. Unfortunately we parked on the wrong lot and thus took the wrong trail. We took the next best path back to the correct direction and soon arrived on the big paved hiking trail. We walked a detour for about one hour. By now the weather was very nice! It stopped raining. We walked down to the beach and enjoyed the serenity, the dramatic clouds and the sun. 

From now on it was easier to find our way. Our next stop was a place called “Wächter der Goitzsche”. 

We walked on and nearly missed the Exmoor-Ponys. They were shy and did not come to the fence. 

I now realised that I should hike more often. My legs grew heavy. We left the “official” trail to go up a hill called “Zöckeritzer Höhe”. Holy! What a steep trail, but the view was breathtaking!

Slowly the sun started to set and the light of the afternoon was quite special. We walked back to the parking lot. Happy. 

Yes, we now deserved a fine dinner, an alcohol-free wheat beer, coffee, and maybe ice cream. By the time we arrived on the lake shore, it was raining heavily. Restaurants were full of people. We got the last table in a place that was not our first choice. God, we enjoyed our beer and food. There was no room for ice cream anymore. We were cold, as it was quite breezy and cold after the rain. But, we were happy! In the end we did not walk 7,1 km but 11,1 km (6,8 miles).  I can only recommend the Goitzsche to anyone for hiking or bike riding! It´s a beautiful place with wild nature and stunning lakes. 


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