Lake Constance, Germany

This year I decided to go on vacation to southern Germany. At first I visited the town of Bamberg in Bavaria. It´s a beautiful town with lots of history. I loved the architecture and the museums. After that I went on to Lake Constance. My skin dreamed of sun, my soul dreamed of relaxation on the balcony and at the lake. Things turned out differently. Summer in Germany by now means unsteady weather conditions with lots of rain and thunderstorms. There were two days of sunshine out of 7 in total. The weather doesn´t look that bad though on the pictures.  Images show the towns of Unteruhldingen and Meersburg, the town of Zeil am Main, The Island of Mainau, The Baroque Basilica of Birnau, The Renaissance-style castle of Heiligenberg, The Salem Monastery and Palace, and other nice places in the area.


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