Norderney, Germany

I finally got the chance to visit the East Frisian Island Norderney in February 2017, as it was the location of an extended vocational training. The Baltic Sea is one of my favorite places on earth and I know it quite well, but I have not been to the North Sea yet. It is February. This season caused worries concerning storm and heavy sea, as I was forced to step on a ferry. Unfortunately I was not exactly born with the passion for ships or boats…Much to my delight the journey was calm and without any problems (which was to be attributed to the nice chats with my companions).

For two hours a day (in daylight) we were given the chance to explore the island by foot. It turned out quickly that that was not a lot of time. The town center Norderney is situated in the western part of the island. 85 percent of the island is part of a national park Lower Saxon Wadden Sea. However, I was able to enjoy and soak in the sea air and beauty of the island: rain or shine. As an early riser I had the chance to enjoy the light at dawn. Everything was painted in pink.

On the day of our departure the weather adapted to our mood: gray and dull. The first 10 to 15 minutes on the ferry were quite an adventure. Fortunately the rolling of the boat settled and everything was just fine.

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