Georgia and zombies on my mind

2018 was a year full of surprises, both good and bad, but also full of unexpected travels and great new adventures. But sometimes, things don´t work or need to be replanned. My camping slash hiking slash kayak slash bike trip through Georgia and South Carolina needed to be postponed and could not happen in October. So I replanned the trip. By the way, I had bought tickets for “Walker Stalker Convention” in Atlanta a looong time ago. Yes, I am a fan of the TV series “The Walking Dead”… Since this event would be a dream come true, I would have been very sad if the ticket would lapse. To make a long story short, I planned a rental car round-trip starting in Atlanta going to Charleston, on to Savannah, on to Milledgeville, and back to Atlanta. 

There is no reasonable explanation why I had ignored and denied to travel to any of the former confederate states. It still defies me how I could not want to go to see essential historic places of the Civil War, or how I could not want to wander through plantations and the country of Scarlett O´Hara. But now, time had come. I was ready, and I did not regret it! The most fascinating encounters were the Live Oak and the Spanish Moss. It was so unreal, almost as if I was in a different world or in a dream. I had watched “Forrest Gump” and I knew what the South looked like, but it is a whole different thing to actually be there. The sight was breathtaking. 

In Atlanta, there were beautfiul, old cemeteries that I needed to visit. Little Five Points was a crazy but lovely district with lots of art. Rural Georgia was very charming with its pretty Antebellum architecture, especially in Milledgeville. I am more than happy to have put this small town on my list. For a history buff like me, the town had a lot of stories to tell and fascinating things to see. Another lucky strike was my visit of the former Central State Hospital. I heard of it while I was talking to a lady in an antique store. Since I love abandoned places, I drove over to the site. All photographs I have taken are in black and white. The houses were fascinating and I felt overwhelmed by the long and troubling history of the hospital. Since this visit was not planned, I could only drive past the houses. I would have LOVED to take a tour!!!

Another highlight was my visit to the New Echota Historic Site. It was a cold day. It was raining cats and dogs. As I walked across the site in complete silence, I could feel the sound of the drums in my feet, the heartbeat of the Cherokee. Being the only visitor, I was struck with awe, walking through the wet grass on sacred ground, through the tears, feeling guilty and deeply moved. 


Below you can choose between a slideshow and an album. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Part one shows some images from my round trip. 

The second part shows pictures from Walker Stalker Convention, as well as Senoia and other filming locations from The Walking Dead. 


Part 1:


Part Two:

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