Lake Michigan Circle Tour

Finally! It took me more than 3 weeks but now time has come: pictures from my latest trip to the USA! This time I gave in to Mom´s wish to drive around Lake Michigan. The daughter of my American friends Peggy and Roger lives in Michigan. That was a great possibility to see them all again and to plan a trip together! 

We started in Chicago towards the East. I admit that I was annoyed the first day driving out of Chicago and I doubted my choice of trip. I was shocked by the ruins of homes due to the drastic population loss and by the ugly remains of former steel industry buildings. In fact, I was feeling uneasy driving through this area. 

The scenery became more beautiful and raw the farther north we came. Before we crossed Mackinac Bridge on the most northern tip of Michigan, nature was wild and stunning. I felt at home, especially at Lake Superior.

Going down the western shores of Lake Michigan was again different. You could tell that you were in “America’s Dairyland”. The countryside was characterized by agriculture. 

All in all it was a great trip! I had the priviledge to spend precious time with friends and family, and I discovered a new and different part of the USA.

I had to reduce the size of the video, so quality problems might result from this. 

Music credits: 

1: Frank Sinatra „Chicago“

2: The Innocence Mission: „Song about Traveling“

3: Peter Murphy: „The Sound of Water“

4: Frank Sinatra: „Chicago my kind of Town“

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