Me in a movie?

Oh yeah, life is good. And exciting! In November 2017 my life was more than exciting. I always knew that deep inside of me there is a top actress waiting to be kissed awake. Well, cough…. Since I was a child, I felt at home on the stages of the world in the town of Wolfen…..

… I later entertained my fellow students at university. Unfortunately pictures are lost…

…and in 2014 I had a double role – well in fact it was a triple role – in a musical. We were all amateur-actors. 

Opening Dance   

Kleptomaniac part 1           Kleptomaniac part 2

A few pictures from the asylum:

Me as one of the vampires:

But, the major jobs never happened. Question is, do I want that? But all joking aside!

In 2017 I read about a movie to be filmed in my hometown. They were looking for extras. So I registered to be an extra and received three requests. There was no getting round extra vacation days because you need to be available for the whole day. So I took three days of vacation and had my dress rehearsal. The movie would be about a man called Gerhard Gundermann. He was a former digger operator in a coal mine and a singer/songwriter living in the GDR. I had never heard of him and did some research. The scenes I was scheduled in played in the 70 and 80s. Unfortunately, one of the three roles was given to someone else, but I still had two scenes as a concertgoer.  

The first scene was shot in the rain at the former coal mine of Ferropolis. It was very cold that day. The other scene was filmed indoors. During filming breaks I was brave enough to take a photo with the lead actor Alexander Scheer. So, do you recognize me?

Opening day was August 23rd. However, I was lucky to get premiere tickets in Leipzig. A friend of mine, my Mom and I started our premiere adventure on August 19th. What a bustle! I saw actors, director, screenwriter… I felt excitement and anxiety rise. Would I be seen on the big screen? Me and my imitated cold waves?

The movie started and the suspense is excruciating. When I recognized the scene, I squeezed the hands of my companions. The camera moved slowely across all the faces of the extras. There! The umbrella I was holding. Now, any moment….Cut. They cut the scene right before I would be visible. My umbrella had its shining moment though. 

So the first scene was over but the second one was still to come. Again, I recognized the venue….. Hm, after a while the movie was over and I realized they cut the whole scene. Oh well. What can I say? The movie was great! I can only recommend it! It is a great tribute to this extraordinary and offbeat Gundermann. Very well done! Well done! My time will come. I will shine. 

The actors left the venue quickly as they went on to the next premiere to a different city. Everything went so fast, but I wanted to have another selfie! My friend went after the lead actor, running, calling him: “Mr. Scheer, wait please. My friend was an extra and she would like to have a photograph.” She was like a groupie, it was hilarious…He stopped and posed for a selfie. BUT, by now my Mom was so nervous that she didn´t manage to take even one sharp photograph! They are blurred! All of them. But I´d rather have a blurred photograph than none! The icing on the cake was yet to come: Mr. Scheer gave me the flowers he was just given. He said: “Here, these are for you.” What else can I say? My heart melted. What a day!

Trailer to the movie (in German only)

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