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Old Brewery

I had the chance to go inside the old brewery “Schade” in Dessau-Rosslau. The building was purchased by a renowned company to build a modern convention center. But before the reconstruction began, I had the chance to take photographs and so take an insight into history.

Brewery began in 1548 in Dessau. In 1832 the “Brewery Schade & Seiler” was founded by August Schade. The company was producing until 1990.*

After the reunion of Germany and the end of the brewery, the brick building was left to its own devices. It decayed. So here you can see photographs of this “lost place” before its modernization. I was thrilled and fascinated by the sight of this beautiful building.

All photographs were shot in HDR mode (bracketing or several exposures). Later the pictures are combined to one photograph. This way we have a vivid or graphic effect that can be intensified.


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