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While I was on vacation on Lake Michigan and Superior Lake in May 2018, I intentionally looked for stones on the beach. The coast of Lake Superior is famous for its agate stones. I read about it in Germany and wanted to find my own gemstone. So I collected a few that looked nice and colorful, hoping for the best. 

You can see all of the unpolished stones here (click the image to enlarge it):

Back home I was very excited and went to my local gold smith to have the stones defined. Well, my excitement changed to a state of shock. He told me that “Everything is nothing but dirt.” I should throw it away. No way! I couldn´t believe this! So I kept looking for a gemstone cutter or jewelry maker and found one. He was willing to look at the stones and wanted to try his best to define the stones. After a few days he called and… he was very excited as well! He put the stones in individual little bags and labelled them. 

Here comes the good news: I found anything but dirt! Each stone, every single one, was either jasper in different variations, rose quartz, vulcanic rock, granite and maybe even puddingstone and aventurine. We are not entirely sure whether there is agate among the stones. This blew my mind! We talked about the stones for a loong time and I knew: planning for the first piece of jewelry would soon begin. As I am very interested in the culture, the beliefs and the spiritulity of the Native Americans, this first piece had to be a pendant with a lot of symbolism. 

In Germany we all know the horoscope that is based on your birth time and the constellation of the stars back then. The tradition of the indigenous people in North America is determined by the Medicine Wheel. In my draft of a pendant I was inspired by my birth moon according to the book “The Medicine Wheel“. My new jewelry maker and I discussed my drawings and all the details, and after a few weeks I held my new, personalized and unique piece of jewelry in my hands. I was, and still am, absolutely amazed. I love it!

Oh my Gosh, I became aware that I would spend a lot of money in the next months. As I´m having problems making decisions, I was a bit overwhelmed with the possibilites and the amount of stones. I just didn´t know what to do first! I remembered that I found three arrowheads when I went to Lake Powell in Arizona in 1998. So I decided for another pendant made of one of the arrowheads and my only red jasper. Red jasper is supposed to have skin contact in order to develop its healing powers, if you believe in it. I also like this piece a lot and wear it quite often. 

Two months have passed since I first talked to Mr. Graube and I just commissioned 5 new pieces of jewelry. Yes, he will be busy. 

I will keep you all posted about the latest developments and post pictures. 

If you are interested in unique gemstones you can order online at his shop: EinzigartigeEdelsteine. I am more than happy with his work! 

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