Up on the Brocken mountain

It´s a shame: I live only a short hop from the Brocken Mountain but I´ve never been there! But then my Mom had the overnight idea to drive up there, because the weather forecast was supposted to be great. Alright. Let´s do it. So we drove up the mountain pulled by the old steam engine.

The Brocken Mountain is the highest peak of Northern Germany, but Mom was right: the weather was great. It was hot, the view was spectacular. 
On our way back we stopped to see the Rappbode Dam. We marvelled at the view and most of all at the new swing bridge. 

Here you can see some impressions of our trip: 


  • “Harz-Jodler” Die Ilsetaler Meisterjodler vom Harzerland
  • “Das Lied der Harzer Brockenbahn” Ilsenburger Folkloristen
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