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Words of Wisdom – Month of May

Every day before breakfast I read from the book “365 Days of Walking the Red Road”.  Each day teaches quotations, wisdom or explanations regarding the culture of the Native People of North America. The entries for the month of May touched me and I think they are true and wise.

Fear stunts your soul and limits the amount of roads needed to travel to reach the Tree of Life,… Fear is nonbeneficial and leads to an unbalanced mind, body and spirit. To banish fear you must know your path and trust yourself – and the world around you. With trust comes confidence. Self-confidence banishes fear. *

The book further says:

In all Native American languages,…, there is no word for “religion”. Native people do not consider their beliefs one of religion. There is no fixed dogma or a list of written rules. There is only an understanding that one is to seek one´s own path and live right with nature and right with the world.*

I doubt that this will ever be possible within our society today. Religion will destroy the human being and the essence of humans.

*Red Road Ethic 5 from the book “365 Days of Walking the Red Road” by Terri Jean
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